Residential Program

Residential Program

Future Vision

The Refuge desires to have a Bible based, Gospel centered, residential program for men who desire to find freedom from their addictions through being transformed by the power of the Gospel.  The plan for this program is as follows:

Probationary 30 Day Period

This will be a very important time of testing and evaluation to see if men who desire to come to The Refuge are in a place where they are ready and willing to submit themselves to the program at The Refuge and do the hard work it will take to walk through the program.

Phase 1 (3 Months Residential):

During Phase 1 men will not work outside of the home at The Refuge.  Men will give themselves to a structured program of foundational Bible teaching, daily devotions, Biblical Counseling, regular church attendance and work on-site at The Refuge.

Phase 2 (6 Months Residential):

During Phase 2 men will begin to work a full time job outside the home at The Refuge.  Along with working full time they will give themselves to a structured program of daily devotions, Biblical counseling, evening programs and regular church attendance.

Phase 3 (9 Months Non-Residential):

Phase 3 is a transitional phase back to normal life.  Men will move out of the home at The Refuge and be connected with a local church where they can plug in, and a mentor at that local church who can walk alongside them.  They will meet weekly with their mentor along with engaging in continued accountability with the staff at The Refuge.